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Morning Droplets..(a fight for survival and identity)

Morning droplets struggling to survive…to keep their identity…

Again its a combination of my best area’s of photography; the droplets and the morning light. Ant this the example what we get when we combines the both. The glow we get in the patches comes in between the clouds and finally gives a dull and a mixed effect. Its a cloudy morning with some morning orange light.


Droplet inside impression…

I have a close affection of droplets and the impressions with  in them. It’s a different way of presentation by the nature and finally by the photographer.

The exposure of the back ground impression inside the droplet is all the game of angle and light (in air). If you see the image droplet you  may see a inverted impression of the background with in it. Now the point is while taking  the photo, that on what object you want you focus or as the main photo object; the droplet or the inside impression. “A matter of study before photo shoot.”