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Mahabaleshwar: A place in heavan











Colourfull pics of Mahabaleshwar, a place full of nature and peace.

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At Mahabaleshwar it is the season of strawberries, by road side you can see long farms for strawberries all around and in the market also you can taste fresh and sweet strawberries.

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A bunch of buds..

A bunch of fresh buds with another bunch of flowers.

Weed Flowers.


 At this time of winter, here one can easily get the road side flowers across the street. It’s really seems like a gift of nature or the god to us to make the place wherever we live more beautiful.


The edge of the garden…

I don’t know which flower is it, but it seems like a very glowing in between the dark leaves.

Pink flower with golden sparkles…

A close shot with all focus on subject, which is scattered on all around. So to take a whole view try to view the all pieces and  the glimpse of nature. It’s a scattered expression on the whole canvas, which give a collective view finally.

Its a morning shot and with this I get one thing that in morning the magic of light with perfect aperture gives the best on photo.