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Mahabaleshwar: A place in heavan











Colourfull pics of Mahabaleshwar, a place full of nature and peace.

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At Mahabaleshwar it is the season of strawberries, by road side you can see long farms for strawberries all around and in the market also you can taste fresh and sweet strawberries.

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Ship close to Gate Way of India…


A view to Mumbai coast close to marine drive, with the hanging ship close to sea-line. And I got this marine line research ship standing abandoned in between the all.

Weed Flowers.


 At this time of winter, here one can easily get the road side flowers across the street. It’s really seems like a gift of nature or the god to us to make the place wherever we live more beautiful.


Morning view from a hill top..

Morning view of the sky from the top of hill  seems some different from what we get daily out of our window. It is really a best possible mix of colours and expressions one can get or expect. 


Tubes on water boat…

On the way to Elephanta caves from Mumbai I took a boat journey of around an hour. Here you get such types of Tyre tubes by the sides of the boat. I don’t know the exact use of these on the boat but they looks some different and real eye catcher.

Cloudy Morning…..!

A set of colorful morning glow from the cloudy sky.

It’s really true as someone said that sometimes you may get something unknowingly as a special and exclusive one. Last day I woke up some early and got a cloudy sky eagerly hiding out the glowing sun.  That was the right time and the only moment a photographer may get to catch the best shots on this vivid and colorful morning.


As the time goes a bright flash of light glow the whole sky out of the dense dark rain clouds. Then I said ya, this the best morning of this coming raining season.