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Ship close to Gate Way of India…


A view to Mumbai coast close to marine drive, with the hanging ship close to sea-line. And I got this marine line research ship standing abandoned in between the all.


Tubes on water boat…

On the way to Elephanta caves from Mumbai I took a boat journey of around an hour. Here you get such types of Tyre tubes by the sides of the boat. I don’t know the exact use of these on the boat but they looks some different and real eye catcher.

Hustle and Bustle market place

A colorful marketplace full of bright blue light from top to sides. It’s a hustle and bustle place full of colors, shopping, cheap local goods and long bargain to purchase with local shoppers. It’s a small road side market on a island close to Mumbai. Here local shoppers daily moves their goods to Mumbai by boat while closing and again carry they back to island by morning.




Morning sea….

It is the best place to see the morning glow. A red sky if you see above and red sea below. it’s like

a red world all around. 

In Mumbai this time of year you get all time cloudy morning with rain some times, which makes the sea with high tides and full of waves. Since morning you get people moves here and there on the roads, trains with a big colourful umbrellas. But here, the rain comes as spontaneous as you won’t get time to open your umbrella and then stop in the same spontaneous manner.

But here people loves the morning sea ride even in full rain.

Finally its our Mumbai (Aamchi mumbai) …….