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Its winters. The magic of nature has begun. The whole valley is now colorful and fresh.



Elections :A wind of change


It is the time of elections over here. Every where you can see the election candidate’s pasts and banners. People are expecting a change, A wind of change.

Dahi Handi Fest 2013









Human Pyramid

DSC_0319 copy DSC_0485 copy

Human Pyramid at Mumbai for the Dhai Handi Festival. More info on Dahi Handi .


Passion for kites.

Kite Flying


His name is Gullu and kite flying is his passion. I found this boy (Gullu) on the bank of a river; alone. Stand on the parked fishing boats, he had his all focus just on his kite and its thread.

Kite Flying.2

Holly saint, praying to the god…

In the morning hour, out of the temple one can get a good size of different community; scared and religious, deeply immense in prays. One can easily catch their emotions on their faces and gesticulations. It’s my all time best place to catch good shots with means.


This time in raining season I get a lot of weeds close to my blog where I live. I don’t know exactly what Kind of weed these are, but seems very colourful and green.