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Holly saint, praying to the god…

In the morning hour, out of the temple one can get a good size of different community; scared and religious, deeply immense in prays. One can easily catch their emotions on their faces and gesticulations. It’s my all time best place to catch good shots with means.


Ship close to Gate Way of India…


A view to Mumbai coast close to marine drive, with the hanging ship close to sea-line. And I got this marine line research ship standing abandoned in between the all.

A bunch of buds..

A bunch of fresh buds with another bunch of flowers.

A tree – After the “lomo” effects.

I Recently upgrade my lens accessories with a new lomo lens. I checked on net about its details and the after effects of it and find it very different and meaning full to have it. Finally it add some new look and angle to outcome. http://www.lomography.com/


Blue night…

These days one can get blue sky during evening mostly. This place is close to place where I live and here you may get tranquillize yourself  after the whole day office work.

And now it is the night photo of other side of the bridge with some reflection down the river.

Weed Flowers.


 At this time of winter, here one can easily get the road side flowers across the street. It’s really seems like a gift of nature or the god to us to make the place wherever we live more beautiful.


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