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The edge of the garden…

I don’t know which flower is it, but it seems like a very glowing in between the dark leaves.


Pink flower with golden sparkles…

A close shot with all focus on subject, which is scattered on all around. So to take a whole view try to view the all pieces and  the glimpse of nature. It’s a scattered expression on the whole canvas, which give a collective view finally.

Its a morning shot and with this I get one thing that in morning the magic of light with perfect aperture gives the best on photo. 

Night sparkles….

” I tried to capture the moist on palates as natural they are. Sometime you get better focus with extra flash, which eliminates all the non objects on the frame. Just a try…..”

Natural Shades…..

The true colour of nature, under the shadow. I tried to focus-up from the base, to get the soft core impression on the frame and I get this…

The golden flower……sunflower!

“The peak gold colour comes out when I catch this photo. The gold colour is too contrast but it is natural. Finally it is sun- flower…..”