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Morning Moments.




 In Pune, close to my place, one can catch some untouched moments and activities that you wont get in full light.

Morning Glow copy

Just before the sun rise, a part of the sleeping city wake ups before others.

_DSC0363 copy

It is the awesome to view the changes the city gets, with the sun rises. On the bank, the fisher-men pushes their boat in the water for early morning fishing. It always a cool breeze to get in the water for fishing.

A boat

 At the bank there always some abundant boats of the fishers, which floats in the still water. It always so pleasant to see the up and down of boats with the water waves, from the bank, a eye catchy moment.

Even the birds gathers at the bank where the fishers gathers their fishes, with greedy eyes.

A Crow


Morning view from a hill top..

Morning view of the sky from the top of hill  seems some different from what we get daily out of our window. It is really a best possible mix of colours and expressions one can get or expect. 


Cloudy Morning…..!

A set of colorful morning glow from the cloudy sky.

It’s really true as someone said that sometimes you may get something unknowingly as a special and exclusive one. Last day I woke up some early and got a cloudy sky eagerly hiding out the glowing sun.  That was the right time and the only moment a photographer may get to catch the best shots on this vivid and colorful morning.


As the time goes a bright flash of light glow the whole sky out of the dense dark rain clouds. Then I said ya, this the best morning of this coming raining season.

Morning sea….

It is the best place to see the morning glow. A red sky if you see above and red sea below. it’s like

a red world all around. 

In Mumbai this time of year you get all time cloudy morning with rain some times, which makes the sea with high tides and full of waves. Since morning you get people moves here and there on the roads, trains with a big colourful umbrellas. But here, the rain comes as spontaneous as you won’t get time to open your umbrella and then stop in the same spontaneous manner.

But here people loves the morning sea ride even in full rain.

Finally its our Mumbai (Aamchi mumbai) …….

Morning Droplets..(a fight for survival and identity)

Morning droplets struggling to survive…to keep their identity…

Again its a combination of my best area’s of photography; the droplets and the morning light. Ant this the example what we get when we combines the both. The glow we get in the patches comes in between the clouds and finally gives a dull and a mixed effect. Its a cloudy morning with some morning orange light.

Pink flower with golden sparkles…

A close shot with all focus on subject, which is scattered on all around. So to take a whole view try to view the all pieces and  the glimpse of nature. It’s a scattered expression on the whole canvas, which give a collective view finally.

Its a morning shot and with this I get one thing that in morning the magic of light with perfect aperture gives the best on photo.